Parallel Power

Parallell Kraft [NO]

~ Expertise within several fields of Computer Science ~

Software Engineering and GUI design

High Performance Computing: Simulation - GPGPU - Artificial Intelligence

GPU-centric 3D Computer Graphics (CG): Visualisation - Virtual Reality - Augmented Reality

Parallel Processing: Massively parallel - Data parallelism - Task parallelism - Distributed and shared memory systems

Embedded Systems: PCB designs - Optimised & embedded Linux

Parallel Technologies in focus

Graphics Processing Units - Central Processing Units - Field Programmable Gate Array - Digital Signal Processors - Application-specific Integrated Circuits

Parallel Power does Research

High Performance Computing - Artificial Intelligence - Simulation - Computer Graphics - Optimised Software - Algorithms & Extraction of Parallelism - Custom Circuits Design - FPGA definitions - Complex Computer Systems - Embedded Systems


Latest embedded PCB design project: Digital media capabilities for Land Rovers: RoverBerry